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Our story

Our Story starts when William Jr. finished college and started working. Always on the go and with no time for sports, he knew something was missing. With companies like Tinder, Tripadvisor and other platforms we know everything about singles, restaurants and the night life around us, but nothing about the sports opportunities. The more William looked for a solution, the more he formed the idea of actinate. And so, our journey began. From the Basement Office with a founding team of 4, to today we are on an exciting journey, that brings us closer and closer to our goal, to make the world of sports open to all and to make it easy for athletes to connect to each other.

Our journey

  • 03


    App Version 3.0 release

    New Design, new functions and more, more, more for our users! Our development team has once again worked hard and we hope you agree!

  • 01


    2000 users

    With new activities and great groups on actinate, we managed to reach the 2000 user milestone without a commercial campaign. We are happy to have every community member.

  • 10


    First 1000 user

    Yeah! What a milestone, we managed to infect 1000 Users with actinate fever and gain them as users.

    App Version 2.0 release

    More functions for the community and with the brand-new group function to boot.

  • 08


    App version 1.0 release

    It’s unbelievable what we have achieved in such a short amount of time! To make this release happen, we programmed night and day.

    Pilot campaign in Rhein-Neckar

    When publishing the first Version of the actinate app, we launched our pilot campaign in the Rhein-Neckar area. With our marketing partner “Oelenheinz und Frey” we really worked hard and learned a lot.

  • 07


    Investor Caran Holding

    We were once told that the best investor you can have is one that dives deep into your business idea, and gives you the drive and financial stability you need to succeed. That is exactly what Caran holding has offered our company. We are thrilled to have them on board.

  • 07


    Release of the web prototype

    With the release of our beta version website, our idea became tangible and we got a feel for our product and its usability.

  • 05



    With a convincing pitch by William Jr, we were accepted into the incubator program of InnoWerft and with their support our company started gaining speed.

  • 04


    The Founding of the company

    Finally, our idea has turned into an official company.

  • 03


    Basement Idea

    Start-ups tend to start in out a garage, but with us it was William Sr. basement office.

Our responsibility

In our increasingly hectic world, we see it as our responsibility to make recreational sports more transparent and accessible for everyone. We want to make your sports life more flexible and active, so that you can do the sport you love anytime and share your love for sports with others. We want to help recreational athletes find the right teammates, opponent and activity’s. Furthermore, we connect sport clubs, athletes and sports service providers with each other and move sport offers and new sports in the spotlight. Simply said, we work every day to make this world more active.